About Us

So…what’s Mad Street, anyway? Isn’t it just another men’s fashion store?

NOOOOOPE!!! Mad Street is a men’s fashion store on a mission. On a mission to help men dress the way women like them to. We collaborate with female models, present them with thousands of men’s clothing items out of which they choose their favourite, then sourcing the most popular ones on Mad Street.

Buy any item from Mad Street and you are set to make an impression. Should anyone challenge your taste, our female models got your back!

A digital handbook for men, either modern / trendy  or business / entrepreneur, at Mad Street we present our audience with outfits and accessories women love, so they can shop and act with confidence.


At Mad Street, we share with our audience female-driven insight into the type of man women want to be with. When it comes to clothes, we believe style is for everyone, being a fitness instructor with a six pack or a dad with two kids, living in big cities or small towns, we offer everyone affordable style, handpicked by those men dress to impress.

What all female models we work with have in common? They understand that when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you act with confidence. For that important board meeting, or girl you want to impress, acting with confidence gives you that highly desired boost.

So what are you waiting for? Start feeling like a million bucks, fast.


In 2017, Paul started Mad Street to help himself.

He used it more as a journal to record tips by women from different backgrounds on how to dress for several occasions. The name came after going “mad” in Oxford street, London, where he walked for hours browsing through clothes, but couldn’t make a decision due to the thousands of options available along with his lack of fashion sense.

Along the way and following endless conversations on “what style”, “what colour”, “which piece”, friends of his joined his private little diary.

Turns out, plenty of guys were looking to get insights on the style secrets to a woman’s mind. Hint: no.1 is good fit. Tens became hundreds, hundreds became thousands and then in 2019 Mad Street went live with actual products rather than just guidelines.

Since then, Mad Street has become a go-to place for men seeking not advice, but specific recommendations on what to wear, from a female perspective.

Today, we’ve got a team of awesome female models with unique taste, who all share one mission – to help guys look and feel like a million bucks.

We don’t carry any inventory, meaning we’re able to search everywhere, while also offering great prices as we source products directly from the manufacturers.

Bottom line?

We take the fuss out of shopping men’s clothes and accessories, reverse engineering the process, by first identifying exactly what women like men to wear and then doing the picking offering only a small number of awesome items to choose from.