Top-3 Men's Apparel Women Love for Summer

Look guys.

We did the research…

…out of hundreds of models…

…and the ladies have spoken.


I know – you can probably guess the type of apparel for some of these e.g. fit t-shirt.

But I bet you didn’t have a clue which exact style and colours they like. That’s where we come in. We collaborate with female models, present them with thousands of men’s clothing items out of which they choose their favourite, then sourcing the most popular ones on Mad Street.


And guys – even if you're married, this information is still gold for impressing your wife.


Here's the reality. Many women have certain fashion tastes for men.

Without that appeal, you may have to work a little harder.

So the question to ask is what do the ladies want men to wear?

The answer: look no further than the following three items below.


    1. A Well-Tailored Fit Polo Shirt

Available at MadStreet for $27.99 (from $39.99)


Polo shirts are stylish summer-wear and more laid-back alternative to dress shirts. They are versatile and look good with jeans or chinos and loafers or boat shoes. They are also comfortable during autumn and look sophisticated with corduroy or flannel trousers, dark coloured jumpers, and derby or oxford shoes.

This navy-coloured polo shirt with a touch of white and red has been our girls’ top pick, to compliment any type of personality, for any smart-casual occasion.


    2. A Canvas Belt

Available at MadStreet for $29.99 (from $39.99)


A belt that buys into the high-low fashion ethos as much as you do. If you’re looking for a decidedly more casual belt for summer outfits, consider a canvas style. They have been in men's casual wardrobes for the better part of a century.

Our girls have picked this navy-blue and gold combination offer a touch of sailing to any social event.


     3. A Summer Sports Watch

Available at MadStreet for $59.99 (from $99.99)


Many of us use smartphones to tell time, but  the more polite way to check the time is a simple flick of the wrist, especially in social settings. For this reason, every man needs a good watch. 

And the second obvious reason – women like men who pay attention to details. So if you have an effortless timepiece on your wrist – it catches their eyes.

Summer means sea, sea means blue, our girls have specifically picked this Naviforce Sports Watch as their favourite which can be worn both for business and casual.